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    Composite bats where first released in 2001 and shortly thereafter, softball players realized that their bats started perform better as they where used more and more. This started the Bat Rolling phenomenon. Players originally started advancing the break in process by hitting their bats with rubber mallets, squeezing them in vices and other way to get their barrel to become more flexible. These old methods usually did more damage than good to their bats.

    Someone had to find a better way so around 2003 a California a guy, probably a machinist, used a metal forming devise called an English Wheel to help his bat perform better. An English Wheel is a large piece of equipment that has two large convex steel wheels, about 8 inch's' in diameter, set one on top of the other. Used to form metal, these wheels can be brought together using a foot pedal, to determine how much pressure is applied to the metal during the rolling, or forming process. So this guy put his bat between the rollers, moved it in and out, rotated it and continued the process around the barrel of his bat. Thus, perpendicular bat rolling machines started being made. After this a much smaller devise was made, using nylon rollers. and a clamping devise to apply the needed pressure to loosen the fibers of the bat.

    Sometime around 2006 or so the first Parallel Bat Rolling Machine was developed. This was more advanced than the perpendicular type rollers. It had three 2 inch polyethylene rollers (2 on top and 1 on the bottom used as the drive roller) set parallel to each other in a very precise clamping devise with a single central adjuster to control the clamping pressure. The bat was set between the rollers and by turning the drive roller the barrel was completely rolled in just a few sequences. This is the current standard design of today's parallel rolling machines. There are many different designs but all parallel bat rollers have the same basic design.

    Our belief that our line of Panther Bat Rolling Machines are the best in the industry. We have 4 different models to fit every application. Our Panther Extreme uses specialty design roller materials that are far superior to any other unit on the market and is backed by a full lifetime warranty.

Information about Bat Rolling

When rolling a bat, it's placed between two or three rollers of a Bat Rolling Machine and then pressure is applied so that as the bat passes through the rollers the bats fibers are stretched out and the glue holding the layers together is broken down. The is the same thing that happens as you take hours of batting practice and your bat has 500-700 hits on it. As everyone knows, by the time your bat has this many hits on it there is a lot of wear and tear on it. Rolling will accelerate the normal break in process in a controlled environment. This causes the composite fibers to become more flexible which greatly improves the bat's trampoline effect. This trampoline effect is what produces the batted ball speed and distance. It will also widen the sweet spot of the bat which will make you a more consistent hitter. There will be no dead spots along the barrel of your bat that is common with most bats. Typical performance increases are in the 20-40ft range for composite bats and 10-20 for aluminum with some double wall aluminum seeing slightly higher amounts.

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Panther Xtreme Bat Rolling Machine

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