2017 Bat Rolling Machines 

We are always innovating and 2017 is no different with the release of the Xtreme Black Legacy Bat Rolling Machine, we taken the already famous Panther Xtreme Fusion Black and made it even better. Some of the highlights of these changes are the new all precision machined and bolted together design. No more welded design since welded designs are a thing of the past. Previous welded designs made it impossible to upgrade and repair your machines. We understand the cost is a little higher than some other machines but with the 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE we'll confident that our Bat Rolling Machines are well worth the added expense.

2017 Xtreme Black Legacy

The 2017 Xtreme Black Legacy Bat Rolling Machine was created for the professional bat roller and or anyone who will only accept the best of the best. We have incorporated all of the best features of the Panther Xtreme Fusion Black and added some great new ones. The Black Legacy has 35% more gripping power, a better driving system for the bottom roller, and transitional break in. Our New Black Legacy incorporates an all bolted together design for easy upgrade and repair if needed (but highly unlikely). And of course backed by our Industry Finest LIFETIME WARRANTY.


  • Trade Secret Proprietary Plastics Being Used in the Rollers
  • Easy and Smooth Rolling Through-out Rolling Process
  • Softer hardness of proprietary Plastic is used on drive roller
  • Harder proprietary plastic compression rollers
  • Anti slippage and Anti Marring
  • Roller Bearings and Thrust Bearing System
  • Heavy steel bolted construction
  • Lifetime Warranty on all the parts
  • The 2017 Xtreme Black Legacy grips and protects your expensive bats like no other bat rolling machine available. The (trade secret) hardness and flexibility and recall memory of the rollers puts the Legacy in a class of its own. Other manufactures are using much less expensive plastics. This helps them save money in production. The problem is they also can and will mark the bats when rolled. They simply are too hard or not correctly milled but are extremely cost effective. We refuse to cut corners in this or any other areas of construction, expense and or manufacturing. All of the top bat rollers in the country are using the Xtreme Fusion Black Bat Rolling Machine and you'll see many of them using our new machine as their machines need repairs which can not be acoomplished with the all welded designs.

    We know the 2017 Xtreme Black Legacy is one of the most expensive machines on the market. The cost of the materials and construction dictates that. We also know the protection of $300 and $400 bats warrants a machine such as 2017 Xtreme Black Legacy.

    Key Features:

  • Rolls Parallel and or Perpendicular
  • Roller Bearing and Thrust Bearing systems
  • Tri-rollers with 6″ rolling capacity for optimal break-in
  • Precision Machined Rollers
  • Rolls all Baseball and Softball bats
  • Improved Self Leveling top roller assembly
  • 2 1/4", 2 5/8" and also 2 3/4" Barrel bats
  • 4 Drilled holes on base for easy mounting
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    2017 Xtreme Black LegacyXtreme Black Bat Rolling Machine
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