Heated Bat Rolling Services

In addition to manufacturing the finest quality bat rolling machines we also offer Heated Bat Rolling Services for those not ready to start rolling their own bats. We've taken our 14+ years experience and have developed unique heating and rolling processes to produce the maximum allowable performance levels for your composite/aluminum baseball and softball bats. Typical improvements are in the 10-35ft range simply from rolling. Many already know that as bats gets more and more hits on them they start to perform better. Our Heated Bat Rolling Services will eliminate the need to wait for your bat to perform. Get it rolled and allow it to perform at its maximum level right away. Our bat rolling service is like putting 500-700 hits on your bat without all the wear and tear.

Heated Bat Rolling

Most companies will determine the maximum rolling pressure and start at that pressure. This is totally incorrect and usually causes durability problems and also potentially causes your paint to spider web or dent prematurely. We have elected to roll most bats at 5-6 progressive compression points (depending on the type of bat). After we've rolled your bat it will have 400+ rotations through the machine (in some cases your bat will require more passes).

Parallel Progressive Compression Rolling takes longer than those charging less than us. We also Pre-Heat all bats prior to Bat Rolling. This process will benefit our customers receive the highest allowable performance levels on their baseball and softball bats. We envision over the few next years you will see many more manufactures developing new composite designs that will make heated rolling a requirement. In 2018 USA Baseball is implementing a new performance standard. We also envision this new performance standard will increase your need for Bat Rolling to get more performance out of your baseball bats. Softball associations usually follow suit so look for within to the softball community as well.

Using previous non heated rolling methods you would reach a substantial amount of compression on your 3rd or 4th compression setting. Most new bats will actually benefit from using a moderate amount of compression with more Parallel rotations. In previous parallel rolling processes most companies would but 10-20 complete rotations on your bat at each compression setting. What is actually working best now is to increase the amount of complete rotation to 50+ rotations at the moderate setting. This will avoid premature breakage from over compression. When you combine this with the Pre Heating you see much better overall performance increase on these newer bats. It also will protect you from your bat from the unraveling of the composite material that are issues with the older rolling styles. Overall you will achieve substantially better results with your new bats that are currently manufactured using the new composite designs.

If you have additional questions in regards to the Bat Rolling process, benefits and considerations please visit our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page.

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