Frequent Questions

During our 14+ years of Bat Rolling we've been asked thousands of different questions. We summarized some of the most frequent questions below. Chances are you'll find the answers to your questions below. Of course there are always new questions that come up and may not be answered here. should you have a question that is not addressed below please text us @ 844-468-2287 or if you wish, you can email us using the form on our contact page.

Bat Rolling FAQ

  • What is Heated Bat Rolling?   When rolling a bat, it's placed between two or three rollers of a Parallel/Perpendicular Bat Rolling Machine. We've experimented with Heated Bat Rolling for several years prior to making if our standard method. With the increased need for rolling to get the newer BBCOR baseball bats to perform better, we found that by pre heating these bats prior to rolling we were seeing much better results. We then tried it on softball and youth baseball bats and also found the results were much more consistent with the pre-heating. It is very difficult to get the walls to flex enough to get them to break in thoroughly. By heating these bats first we found it much easier and in fact we are seeing distance increases closer to that earlier models bat after rolling. By heating the bats in our custom design heating chamber the composite layers are able to flex more and subsequently you can use less pressure to achieve maximum allowable performance levels across the board on all bats.

  • Can you explain your rolling process?   Most companies determine the maximum rolling pressure and start at that pressure. This is totally incorrect and usually causes durability problems and also potentially causes your paint to spider web or dent prematurely. We have elected to roll most bats at 3-4 progressive compression points (depending on the type of bat). After we've rolled your bat it will have 500+ rotations through the machine (in some cases your bat will require more passes). Our Parallel Progressive Compression Technique takes longer than those charging less than us but we want you to be happy so we don't cut corners. Using previous rolling methods you would reach a substantial amount of compression on your 3rd or 4th compression setting. Most of these new bats will actually benefit from using a Moderate amount of compression with more Parallel rotations. In previous parallel rolling processes most companies would but 10-20 complete rotations on your bat at each compression setting. When you combine this with the Pre Heating you see much better overall performance increase on these newer bats. It also will protect you from your bat from the unraveling of the composite material that are issues with the older rolling styles. Overall you will achieve MUCH better results with your new bats that are being manufactured using the new manufacturing processes.

  • What is the turnaround time?   We roll all bats the same day received and ship the following business day.

  • What are the typical improvements from Bat Rolling?   Typical improvements on Composite bats are in the 20-30ft range. In some cases it may be closer to 40ft but that is not the standard. Alloy/Aluminum bats are in the 10-15ft range and double wall alloy bats can see increases of 20-25ft in some cases. These distances are compared to stock bats. If your bat has a few hundred or more hits then your results may be less.

  • What machines do you use for Bat Rolling?   Of course we use our Xtreme Series machines. We have 2 Electric driven machine setups and 1 machine used for the Perpendicular rolling step as required.

  • What bats are you able to roll?   We are able to roll ANY bat. This includes 2 1/4", 2 5/8" and yes we can roll 2 3/4" bats.

  • Is Bat Rolling considered Illegal?   In many cases, Bat Rolling is approved but there are also several associations that have rules prohibiting this process. You should always consult with your local league, association or event coordinator prior to getting this service performed.

  • What if I'm not happy with the performance?   While not every bat improves as much as you may expect (some customers expect 50-60ft distance from rolling), we are very confident that the process does in fact work. We stand behind our services 100% so if you'd like us to roll your bat again we can do that for you at no charge. You simply need to ship it back to us and we'll roll it again and ship back to you at no charge.

  • Xtreme Black FAQ

  • What make your machines better?   We challenge you to find a better quality product anywhere. There is a reason why 99% of all professional bat rollers use the Xtreme series bat rolling machines. Reason is, they are the best. They are the tried and true machine of choice. The all steel construction, precision machined components and high tolerance machining of the rollers allow these machines to provide the most complete break-in service of your bats. We taken all the great things of the previous Xtreme models and improved it to now be 100% bolted together design as compared to welded design. With the welded design, making upgrades to the bearings and rollers virtually impossible. As should anything ever break on your machine, making repairs is also difficult.

  • What size bats will your machine roll?   Our 2017 Xtreme Black Legacy will roll any bat with a barrel size of 2 1/4", 2 5/8" and even the 2 3/4" bats.

  • Do you include instructions on how to roll?   We do include a basic user operating and maintenance guide with every machine. These instructions will give you everything you need to get started with your new bat rolling machine.

  • What size bats will your machine roll?   Our 2017 Xtreme Black Legacy will roll any bat with a barrel size of 2 1/4", 2 5/8" and even the 2 3/4" bats.

  • How fast is my order processed?   Typical processing time is 24-48 hours from the time we receive your order till shipment. We will email you the tracking number once it has shipped.

  • What is the Warranty?   All our machines come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Please note, this warranty is NOT transferrable and can only be used by the original purchaser. All units are serialized and these number are tied to the original purchaser.

  • What type of Rollers do you use?   We understand the Rollers are the key to the perfect roll and have used our 14+ years of experience to develop our custom produced rollers. Our rollers will not mark up your bat, slip while rolling and will retain their form regardless of the pressure impacted on them. Our new Xtreme Black Legacy machine is also modular to permit easy upgrades as bat manufacturers come out with new composite and alloy materials.

  • What is a "Self Leveling Machine" ?   You may have seen other manufacturers offering the they claim as the first self leveling bat rolling machine. Let me put it this way, EVERY bat rolling machine is self leveling based on the amount of compression that is applied to the bat. The contour of the barrel determines how tilt is required to the upper slide assembly. They claim that it will roll big barrel 2 3/4" bats better. In case you didn't know, bats are not designed to be hit on the tapper area so there is absolutely no reason to even roll the tapper. That area of the bat is not design to flex so rolling the taper area does nothing to improve performance. Look at the designs of all the bat rolling machines and you'll notice that they all use the same SELF LEVELING SYSTEM.

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